Exodus is the debut album released by Jethro Decimus. This five song EP tells the story of his journey and his culture. The album has two main goals: to show the human race that we are all looking for some sort of freedom and that we are in dire need of help that the human power cannot manufacture.

Jethro’s music genre is Fusion, a World genre, which is a mixture of an Afro-Caribbean rhythmic pattern. Jethro began writing songs in 2012 and it never once crossed his mind that he would release his inspirations to the world.

This EP is meaningful to him because it is his first solo project. Jethro collaborated with various local artists in Florida, the Caribbean and Europe. Today, he is excited to
share his music with the world and to have accomplished this milestone as a recording artist.

Jethro has worked day in and day out for the past 4 years in his craft and continues to do so.

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