Greetings loved ones,

It is always a joy to write and inform you about my journey. The internship is almost over, with only about four weeks left. The finish line is in sight! My prayer is to finish strong with the same intensity and zeal that I started with.

Last month, the interns took an end of the year, five-day trip to Cumming, Georgia. We used this time to celebrate and remember what the Lord has done in our lives over these past several months.
The word that comes in to mind during this season is remembrance. We are living in a fast pace atmosphere that leads to constant distraction. We often lose the grip that the Lord speaks. Not only do we forget the fact that the Lord speaks, but we also forget what He has done and where He has brought us.

I briefly want to focus on ingratitude. Ingratitude is something that is continuously repeated in the Bible. It’s a human virus! Once we have received a solution or God delivers us from something, we are thankful for a moment, then after a few weeks we complain and forget what God has done.

Lakehouse Final-59
A couple of the interns – enjoying a nice and cool evening. (Photo: Pascale Belony)

As I looked back in my journal, I realized how I’ve become less thankful. The moment I got comfortable and placed myself on cruise control was the moment I opened the door of ungratefulness.

My prayer is to give thanks at all times, whether things are going well or not. As times become increasingly difficult, I want to remember what the Lord has done in my life. And to continually have a heart of thanksgiving!
I want to thank you all for supporting me during my internship. Whether it is financially or prayerfully, your support means a lot to me, and I am very thankful for you.
I am in the middle of planning and praying for my next step once the internship ends. I am looking to serve the Syrian refugees in Eurasia for about 9-12 months. Some countries that I have in mind are: Greece, Serbia, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

The Lord has placed a burden and desire in my heart to serve people in the world who’ve faced/face natural disaster/crisis and are in need of help as they’re transitioning in their lives. In the long run, I really see myself doing relief ministry throughout the nations. What a better way to serve the broken and hopeless while bringing the Gospel of Hope to them? I am excited to see how the Lord unfolds His plan in my life. I am eager to serve His children.

GHI - April 16-9
A couple of the interns – enjoying a nice and cool evening. (Photo: Pascale Belony)
A couple of the interns – enjoying a nice and cool evening. (Photo: Pascale Belony)